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Michael: Last question: Which is your personal favorite song of the new CD and why?Jose: My (Jose) personal favorite song on the CD is "Unidad" because I believe it shows what Salsa Dura really is and the message of Unity is one that we are creating through our music.Another difference in this CD is that everyone in the band is featured we show the strengths of each member at least once.

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Im Zentrum steht Ballettdirektor und Chefchoreograf John Neumeier, der seit 1973 Künstlerischer Leiter der Compagnie ist. 2005 wurde ihm die Position eines Geschäftsführers der Hamburgischen Staatsoper anvertraut.

In seinen Werken verbindet er die Tradition des klassischen Balletts mit modernen, zeitgemäßen Formen und schafft damit eine unverwechselbare choreografische Sprache.

La Excelencia, eine New Yorker Band mit einer erfrischenden neuen Art, Salsa Dura zu interpretieren, schlug 2006 sensationell in die Salsa-Szene ein. Jose: Julian and I began playing music at an early age...

Und unter unserer Rubrik CD des Monats findet Ihr eine CD-Besprechung des neuen La Excelencia Albums [«] Zurück zur Interview-Übersichtsseite Michael: Jose, how did you became a Salsa musician?

Jose: Yes we sold 9000 CD of 'Salsa Con Conciencia' and that number continues to grow, it does not count the digital downloads that have been over 4000 in downloads alone.

At this moment in time we are still in the starting stages but I believe we will reach the level we want to live off of La Excelencia in do time... We have many opportunities to perform in New york City we are considered one of the hardest working bands, and no Europe has become our second home and thanks to our manager Johan Vrancken we continue to have a successful touring schedule.

Michael: What's in your opinion the difference between the first CD (2 years ago) and the 'Tumbao Social'?

Jose: The difference between our first CD 'Salsa Con Conciencia' and this CD 'Mi Tumbao Social' is that we have matured more as musicians and and continue to learn as we continue our musical journey you can hear it in the sound and the quality of the recording.

La Excelencia is made up by: Willy Rodriguez (piano), Jorge Bringas (bass), Charles Dilone (Bongo/Campana/Quinto), Jose Vazquez-Cofresi (Congas/Shekere), Julian Silva (Timbales, Cata, Clave, Maracas, Guiro), Ronald Prokopez (Trombone), Tokunori Kajiwara (Trombone), Jack Davis (Trombone), Sam Hoyt (Trumpet), Jonathan Powell (Trumpet), Willy Olenek (Trumpet), and Junior Beltran (Coros). It hits the Salseros on the whole world when it first came out in 2006. How you found the way to this sound and why the name 'La Excelencia'?

Jose: Our sound is developed from the streets of New York, most of us studied Afro-Cuban music and other forms of music that help developed our style...

Julian and I would like to thank you Michael Peters for being one of the first people to review our 'Salsa Con Conciencia' CD and being such a huge supporter and promoter of salsa music around the world. Michael: Thank YOU for the interesting interview ...

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