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But if I trust the person’s style then it’s usually not a problem.

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By Daniel Rolnik, November 2010 D: You are known for using your Pentax k1000 camera, but what film stocks are your favorites to use?

G: I’ve loved Kodachrome 200 the most in the last 15 years or so, but it’s been discontinued and the last roll that will ever be developed will be in December of this year. G: I did stock up on it, but it does not make a difference now because you can’t process it after December anyway.

D: Are you still using the same exact Pentax from when you were a kid? I don’t think I’m using the exact same one from when I was 18.

I was using a borrowed camera when I was 14, but I ended up getting a Pentax KM, then an MX and I have been sticking with that for a while.

I still use the same old Tri-X for Black and White, T-Max 3200, there’s some other stuff that will look decent, but it just won’t have the “look” nor the archival quality that Kodachrome had. It’s never been about the equipment or film, it’s about the eye.

A good film is like a good brush for a painter i would guess.

They stopped making it about five or six years ago, so the stuff that I have is the stuff that’s in the refrigerator until I use it.

There’s only one place in the whole world that will develop Kodachrome still and that is in Kansas somewhere – that’s it, this year is the end of it.

And they’re going to look fine because it’s their character and their personality.

In some younger hip-hop groups, people might be wearing t-shirts with big slogans on them or something that I think is whack, so I might try to get them to do something else.

G: What I learned from him was that if you’re going to shoot color make it count. Color film, back in the day, used to cost a lot more money to develop and it was something you had to send out to do. And from those days of it being more expensive and not as easily available, I learned to be more careful with it than I was with black and white. Another thing is, don’t do something that someone else has already done.

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