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And yet, I disagree with her politics, even if I like some of her programs.And while Condoleezza Rice is an accomplished black woman, who triumphed over adversity to become who she is today, this fact alone does not mean she will be a champion of black issues if elected to public office.

However, while at university she realized that she did not have it in her to become a professional musician, and chose to study international politics instead.

She became a professor of political science at the Stanford University and was selected the university’s provost owing to her brilliance and strong character.

By most accounts, she is a smart, driven, and poised woman. Contrary to popular belief, Condoleezza Rice does not seek to minimize her race.

So how the hell did she end up on the side of the Republicans? It has been recounted in almost every profile of her I have read.

For those of you unacquainted with him, this is the same man who told us Haiti's earthquake was their punishment for "their pact with the devil." Yeah, that guy.

Well now he's back in the headlines, making controversial statements about race.

Often considered a role model for other African American women striving to reach great professional heights, Rice is the first African American woman to ever hold the position of the United States Secretary of States.

A high achiever, she had served as the National Security Advisor during the firm term of President George Bush, becoming the first woman to do so.

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