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Elsewhere, Leo is found to have lied on his immigration forms.To keep him from being deported, Cat must become Leo's sponsor, and 100% responsible for keeping him out of trouble.Cat and Leo try to locate Ian, the hard-partying son of wealthy handbag designer Sasha Lowenthal, when he goes missing.

Moving on to her personal life, she is yet unmarried but she might have some plans to settle down with her someone special in the near future.

Currently, she is dating a French international rugby Union player.

Cat reveals to a disbelieving Captain Baker that she suspects her childhood friend Annabella is now heading up the crime family that killed her father.

She also receives more mysterious texts about her life being in danger because she knows too much.

Cat meets with Gregg to see if an investigation has been opened on her father's murder.

He confirms there is an investigation and that it appears Internal Affairs have made a cover-up attempt.The case gets complicated when the most reliable witness to the crime, a 10-year-old boy, goes missing and Cat and Leo must track him down.It turns out the mom and her husband are nothing like their outward appearances.Caitlin "Cat" Sullivan is an NYPD detective working in Brooklyn.After her driving privileges are suspended, she relies on Leo Romba, a Brooklyn cab driver from France.Later, Gregg confirms that Annabella ordered the death of Cat's father.

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