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Whenever a girl I’m talking to brags about how she’s “confident” and “strong,” I can feel my dick deflating like a punctured tire.

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Where men are nothing more than fashion items to help women show how cool or sophisticated they are. If I’m not the center of a girl’s world, I’m not going to be in her world that their toxic, feminist you-go-grrl ideology is a lie.

Why do you think the average urban slut machine is downing enough Prozac to poison the water supply?

Essentially, “confident” women are incapable of viewing men as human beings.

When manboobs and feminists say you should be happy that women today are “independent,” this is what they’re arguing for; a world in which romantic relationships are impossible.

The idea that women should have self-esteem or it, beyond a low baseline to ensure they don’t commit suicide or become psycho stalkers, is one of the most disastrous social engineering experiments of the modern era.

A woman with excessive confidence is like a man with a vagina.

If every girl was fired from her job tomorrow, elementary schools would have to shut down for a couple days, but otherwise life would go on as usual.

If every , and if girls want to play in our world, they’ll have to obey our rules. I have more respect for the starving artist couple busking down the street from my house than I do for all the career-driven, Strong, Independent Women™ in the world.

All the hysterical nitwits blubbering about how “negging” and the like was designed to hurt girls’ self-esteem were .

“Confident” women are still women, and they still lust after men who dominate them, even if they can’t admit it to themselves.

Being able to sing and play guitar well is no small achievement, and the buskers are actually providing a useful service to the world.

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