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Any ideas or thoughts about this subject out there in the HA universe?I am not sure on the list of which cuntries have the highest illigitimate children rate but the philippines has to be one of the highest illigitimate children rates in the world with people haveing kids like ants with no social consequenses to them?

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The guy was not super ugly but was fairly short and not at all attractive.

But he was eccentric, very interesting and accomplished (like her). She achieved a net worth of around US$3 mn in a few years doing business in HK after graduation.

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Other scams which are growing include cryptocurrency scams, with the main points of origin appearing to be West Africa and the Philippines.

Smythe said many African countries – such as Nigeria, Ghana, Togo, Kenya, and South Africa – play host to perpetrators of online scams, including the infamous 419 scam.When they finally met the first time after a few weeks, she had already fallen for him.She told me that she didn't want appearance to even factor into how she developed feelings for a guy.Police said criminals use women to pose as prostitutes or as people looking for lovers on dating sites.Victims are then asked to meet at a certain location, where they are robbed.Smythe said certain scams are also highly sophisticated, fooling experts in certain cases, and that “Cameroonian scams and other bespoke South African evolved scams” are proving to be a threat.

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