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Instead of understanding me, and providing me with an enabling environment, the Navy tried to shut me up by keeping me in a psychiatric ward.My altered gender status is who I am, a transgender woman.On his return from three weeks leave, Manish was asked to reveal her changed sexual identity to the doctors, who treated her for a urinary tract infection.

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I was supposed to stay for only an hour, but I felt it would be unfair to the people who braved the heat and waited in line if I just stood up and left. I made it to the finals, but couldn’t attend the big night because the call time was too early. Allan K, Arnell Ignacio, and Rey Kilay (one of the biggest stars in the circuit). Politics will take a lot of my time, for very little money.

Personally accepting the people’s money in exchange for tickets was very humbling. I also felt a little embarrassed because they were willing to spend to see me perform for two hours. I’m done writing my material with a pool of writers who helped with new jokes and lines. I do, once in a while—I need it to shake off the rust. Sometimes, when I finish early with my commitments, I call Laffline, Punchline or Metrobar, and ask if I can go onstage for an hour. Performing in comedy bars gives me a different sense of enjoyment and satisfaction. You wonder how some politicians become so rich on their meager salary… I let people speculate about the identity of my boyfriend, I don’t confirm anything.

To this day, he cannot make sense of his unexpected fame.

And, without fail, the question, “What’s the secret to your success? Yes, he admits, he dreamt of success, but not in all these fields—and definitely not of this magnitude.

removed from service a 25-year old sailor who last year underwent sex reassignment surgery to become a female.

Sailor Manish Kumar Giri was charged with "breaching the recruitment regulations and eligibility criteria" and was discharged from services evoking the clause of "Service No Longer Required" in accordance with the Navy Regulations, said a spokesman of the Eastern Naval Command (ENC).I have been a proud sailor, and will always remain so".He was a full-fledged stand-up comic not so long ago, performing in small comedy bars around the metro.We asked that very question when he dropped by the Inquirer offices for a multiplatform interview recently, and all he could say was, “Nagpatawa lang naman ako.” But maybe that’s all there is to it. ” Vice deadpanned as the PDI Entertainment Superdesk staff settled into seats around the boardroom table.Thus he set into motion a free-wheeling, hour-long chat.” With his third major solo concert “I-Vice Ganda Mo Ako sa Araneta” set to gather thousands of fans on Friday, May 17, at the Big Dome, it is safe to say that a new star tattoo would soon find its way on his skin. I know it’s not healthy, but it has become my lifestyle.

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