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A distraught family of monkeys have been caught on camera grieving for a robotic ‘baby’ monkey after it was ‘killed’ during filming.The rare footage was captured by BBC’s Spy in the Wild, which had been using the robot to observe the langur monkeys’ habit of sharing babysitting duties.

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10am – Sunday, November 5 // We picked up 4 inches of new snowfall at the summit over the past 48 hours.

The temperatures will continue to remain cold in the 20’s and 30’s this week with our next chance of snowfall later this week and through the month with forecast models trending toward a cold and stormy November.

They have continued in that success for the last 21 consecutive years, producing two eaglets each of those years, except in 20 when they were successful in raising three eaglets!

The eagles have been using that same nest for 24 years, until this past year when they decided to build a new nest just to the east of their old nest site.

"In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous.” – Aristotle. The Eagle Cam does not interfere or intervene and allows nature to take its course.

All violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law." Bald Eagle History: Since January of 1993, a mated pair of Bald Eagles has been nesting on the northwest side of Standley Lake.

The remote-control baby had been capturing footage in India when it was it was accidentally dropped from a height and was unable to move.

The animals can be seen comforting each other having seemingly mistaken the robot intruder for one of their own.

1st Egg Hatched: April 5, 2017 2nd Egg Hatched: April 6, 2017 3rd Egg Hatched: April 10. Pursuant to state and federal law it is illegal to "take, feed, disturb, possess, sell, purchase or barter, or attempt to engage in any such conduct, any bald eagle or parts thereof, or their nests or eggs.

You will see life being started, and sustained, in very natural ways. The Standley Lake Eagle cam was installed in the fall of 2016 by a team of City of Westminster Open Space staff, the company View Into The Blue and United Power, who donated all of their time and manpower to make this project a reality.

She was dubbed the "Lady in Pink" after being caught on-camera passionately cheering for the Minnesota Wild in 2014, according to a local news outlet.

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