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Followill, 30, and Aldridge, 26, married last year at San Ysidro Ranch in Montecito, Calif.A look at Kings of Leon’s discography — including Mechanical Bull, out next week — reveals surprisingly few food references (booze, yes; food, not so much).

How involved were you in picking the places for the festival? I don’t know, from a young age I really enjoyed it.

We were very involved with the local restaurant scene, and we kind of threw out some chef’s names that we wanted to be involved from around America. When I’m in New York — me and the wife live in New York, too — when I go to order in food and I see people’s reviews, I don’t understand how they could be so mean! Me and my cousin used to go hunting and camping or whatever, and we’d build a bonfire and we’d cook over the fire, so I was into it from an early age.

Birth Name: Anthony Caleb Followill Place of Birth: Mount Juliet, Tennessee, U. Date of Birth: January 14, 1982 Ethnicity: English, some German, distant Welsh, very distant French and Portuguese Caleb Followil is American musician.

He is the singer and rhythm guitarist for rock band , whose other members include Caleb’s brothers, Nathan Followill and Jared Followill, and Caleb’s cousin, Matthew Followill.

, Followill drinks to excess in order to combat stage fright before going on stage, an issue which eventually led to the band's decision to cancel their entire US tour."I think all of this does have to do with Caleb's alcoholism.

He suffers from extreme anxiety and has a hard time standing in front of crowds, which is why it's so ironic he's become one of the world's largest rock stars," an insider told the website."There's a running joke in the band that Caleb can't go on stage without having a cocktail first."Kings of Leon were forced to end a recent concert in Houston, Texas early after Caleb walked off stage complaining about the heat and refused to return.

Aldridge has posted several Dixie-related tweets since giving birth.

On July 5, she wrote "Dixie is 2 weeks old today" and followed that up the following day with the note "On our first lunch outing with Dixie!

If I had groceries I would probably just do, like, a simple pasta at the end of the night. I mean, I would love to create the next Patrón and ride off into the sunset.

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