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Now at 8 years old, Cece is working towards her future career and is already represented by an agency. Ava and Alexis are two peas in a pod when it comes to stealing mom's breadsticks and don't forget the celebratory dance routine.View Now When momma is pregnant and has a wish, it's best to honor that... The Mc Clure twins and daddy Justin are surprising mommy with a special dinner. This must be what a regular Mc Clure family outing is like and it's adorably funny.

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This hilarious sketch by Decent Humans begs to differ. The senior dog's family had left him behind a year ago, and Stewie became homeless, sticking by his old home and hoping his family would come back. Her daughters think she always looks worried in photos, so they try to advise her on how to take a great selfie. Kim's already known for her reality TV, fashion and makeup empires as well as her Kim Kardashian video game.

What what happens when you in your 30s come face to face with all the bad questionable decisions you made in your 20s. Resorting to eating rocks to stay alive, animal rescue group Hope For Paws fortunately found him. Now, she's behind an app that is already getting positive buzz and seems to really work.

Matthew Mc Conaughey comes from a Southern family background and enjoys giving back to others, even on his birthday. 4, Matthew walked around delivering 4,500 free turkeys to families in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky as part of a Wild Turkey initiative. View Now Celebrities are normal people too, and we've got to smile at Jennifer Garner sitting down to read her dog Birdie one of her favorite books.

He's a spokesman for the brand, but we still think it's very well done. Not only that, the two are both dressed up and ready to celebrate Halloween. View Now There's never a shortage of animals that need rescuing like Stewie.

Grandma Daisy lives at Healing Touch Companion in Virginia, where she lives with dementia under the care of her granddaughter. She may only be 15 months old, but it's obvious she's going to make her poor dad go gray way before his time.

A hunky shirtless dude walks by and she can't take her eyes off him.

It's only when dad calls out to her that she snaps out of her trance. View Now Some kids are just born certain of their destiny and for young Cece, her path is comedy.

At the young age of three, this firecracker began performing and from there, her presence on social media exploded.

Then, imagine coming home to meet your new best friend for the first time.

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