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Fresh faced: Although Karen explored the option of going abroad for cut-price surgery, she opted for a close-to-home clinic, using Mr Alex Karidis at the Hospital of St John and St Elizabeth in London I’m not a vain person, but no amount of smart clothes or hairdressing appointments could help.Whatever miracle bodily transformation I’d managed to pull off, my face resolutely displayed the scars of more than a decade of morbid obesity – an unwelcome reminder of fat, unhappy Karen every time I glanced in the mirror.The difference was dramatic and I glimpsed the pre-obese, happier Karen. He was not going to make me look like Cameron Diaz, nor could he guarantee how much younger I would appear afterwards, but I would look fresher, less exhausted.

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What I saw made me want to run away, but he held my head in order to show me the face that surgery would accomplish.

With gentle fingers, he raised my facial skin and brow towards my forehead and ears.

Now size-10 slender, I could finally step out from the shadows.

Losing such a significant amount of weight in just a year was drastic and I achieved it the simple (some would say hard) way, by cutting out the things I loved most, namely anything – food or drink – containing sugar. As the weight melted away, I harboured great expectations for life after obesity.

As I was about to hand over my credit card in exchange for yet another ‘miracle’ firming cream, it dawned on me that only the removal of the loose skin – in other words, a full face-lift – would be the answer.

I’m not a wealthy woman by any means, but through sacrificing holidays over the years and rarely buying clothes or shoes, I had amassed a small savings pot.

Seven years ago, I achieved a major goal in my life: I reduced my body weight by half to 10st.

People’s reactions towards me changed immediately – the slights and slurs I had endured for years suddenly stopped.

But I’d done my research thoroughly and it was difficult to find a derogatory comment about him.

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