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Back home, I feel blessed to have the right to choose for myself who I want to sleep with and know that my identity will not be based on that one fact. I think it’s high time we construct one for dating. Oh, those sweet and sour days…So many years passed since then! To be honest, I never really liked meeting men in bars. Azeri girls spend all their lives fighting off strangers.

I write this in the hope that my friends in Azerbaijan will someday soon have these same rights. Because we are so used to harassment at every step we take.

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Even so, things are perhaps albeit slowly changing and, having recently returned from Azerbaijan, sex therapist Marty Klein notes the similarity between the situation in the Caucasus today and the United States half a century ago. The same things that all college students want to know about: love, desire, love, sexual incompatibility, love, orgasms, and love. […] I must report, with all due modesty, that the kids loved me—my active lecturing style, continual kibitzing of individuals who texted or talked while I spoke, and willingness to use words like “vagina” and “balls.” When they said people just don’t say such things in public, I asked why. Yet in my two weeks here, I rarely saw young people hold hands, much less kiss.

When I mentioned “kissing with tongues” during my talk, many of the students giggled or blushed.

To be alone in a room with a person of the opposite sex without a marriage license was strictly forbidden. I am not ashamed or afraid to say that he was my boyfriend and yet even as I write this I am not using his real name.

If word got out that such a thing was happening the girl would be labeled a whore and the boy scolded. “She meets with Ferid in the park in the center of the city and everyone knows it. No one ever said anything directly to my face but things started changing. […] […] Ali and I stayed together for nearly two years. Even as I write this, women in Azerbaijan are forced to keep their romances a secret and feel ashamed of their desire to love.

[…] the first (and last) thing the pharma lady asked if that girl was married or so. […] while i enjoyed the sight of two women in “dialogue” and was seduced by lovely packages of “odorous and colorful elastic stuff, i could not fight the tempation to buy one just for nothing with the following comment of mine “married” but the maneuver didnt work… Americans were sexually inhibited 50 years ago, too.

as a result the girl and i entered “the whore list” in the drugstore No.3** right behind my workplace and ended leaving it without condoms and flu pills. But we weren’t continually pressured by MTV, internet porn, and the 24-hour-a-day contact of mobile phones.In my free time i like to spend time with friends, do sport,listen to music. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, hopes that new freedoms would quickly replace the old have often been dashed by the re-emergence of patriarchal, conservative and traditional practices.The by a former Peace Corps Volunteer (PCV) stationed in Azerbaijan on dating, or rather the absence of it.In the first post, Micael Bogar says that there isn't even a word for it in Azerbaijani.So can others, hense it becomes very public flirting in a country that is otherwise very conservative when it comes to sex..

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