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Winks went out of style when "Happy Days" went off the air. You think it makes him seem lazy and like he didn't read your profile.

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It’s an interview, so if you don’t get paid for it, you might as well do something else.

You must, must, must not stay at the same venue where you met and sat down.

Having a dry, formal conversation with a woman on a date, as if you were talking to an uptight co-worker, is a major turn-off and is a sure way to come across as a boring guy, especially if the girl you are out on a date with is the type who likes and can appreciate sarcasm and dark humor (I consider those women to be the best type).

Make sure you don’t play safe and don’t “walk on eggshells” on your first date and that your conversation has a playful / teasing / sarcastic undertone throughout.

Keep your audience in mind when writing your profile! You list all your "I wants" without listing what YOU will bring to the relationship.

So you end up looking like you're a taker and not a giver (and we know that as a nurse that could not be further from the truth!Use your words sparingly on your first date and don’t engage in a 10 minute monologue, leaving your date listen for too long and let her mind wonder away while sitting across from you and pretending to listen.No matter how interesting your story is, if it’s too long, it won’t be that interesting to her. Sitting across the table from a woman for three hours and talking is not a date.Don't list your financial desires like you're posting a want ad.I've seen too many women write, "I'm looking for a man who will spoil me, buy me great things, and take me on great trips." You come across as a gold digger. Take a chance and send an email to the guy to whom you're most attracted. I have found when online dating that if you're honest about who you are, and you get back to people immediately, you'll get the date faster and avoid all the back and forth games that go on.This is one of the most common and deadly first date mistakes that both sexes are guilty of on a first date.

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