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Go to the AVG official site and manually download any updates.

Current updates are in different areas of the website for the free version and the paid for version.

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Click on "Support Center." At the very bottom of the page, click on "Updates." Look for the date in the left-hand side of the column and click on the most current one.

Open your AVG program and right-click on "Control Center." Click on the button "Check for Updates" and in the pop-up window unmark the area that says "Do not ask for update source next time ..." This will now allow you to manually update each day or whenever you choose.

Remove the AVG software from your computer, if the previous steps do not solve the issue, and reinstall. Open the AVG program and click on the "Update Now" button.

If you are using a free version of AVG and do not want to purchase one, you can manually update the software.

Finally, you are given several scan options, such as to scan inside archives, use heuristics for scanning, scan cookies, report documents with macros, scan the boot sector, and others.

Select or deselect options with the Space key, then choose Enter to start the custom scan.

AVG Rescue CD is a suite of several useful applications that you can run on your computer before the operating system starts, one of which serves as a free bootable antivirus program.

The program interface may not be as comfortable to use as similar programs, but there are lots of custom options and it even lets you update the virus definitions without having to reinstall the software.

My two favorite things about AVG Rescue CD is the fact that you can choose different scan options, because some similar bootable virus scanners don't offer such settings, and that you can update the definitions straight from the disc.

However, what I dislike most is the non-graphical interface.

Click on "Folder" in the dialogue box under the Update menu.

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