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Because societies were enabled to extend themselves further across space and time through writing, and subsequently through the recording of sounds and images, than through the oral record, the "technology of preserved communication" has allowed for the development of a more variegated cultural repertoire.

In so doing, it has created a world so complex that no individual can possibly master it all.

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Archives, historical societies, libraries and museums are the institutions created by our society to play the role of selecting, conserving, and providing access to the record of our culture.

To an extent far greater than the society admits, these professional keepers of cultural evidence are not simply custodians of our recorded past, but shapers of the cultural memory.

Recently, the record of human endeavor has grown so large that no individual can even master where to find it all.

In such a world, special roles have been created to assure the interpretation, retention and transmission of culture and special institutions have been established to support these functions.

The cultural record is continuously being deposited and eroded.

It is deposited at different rates by different groups within the society and at different times in the life of the culture (reflecting the socio-economic and cultural-political requirements of the society).

Chapter six returns to the themes in the introduction to consider the role of the archivist and the nature of the archival endeavor, and to propose new views of both based on the ideas in the intervening chapters.

More important even than the generous financial support I received from the Mellon Foundation and NEH is the intellectual support of Francis Bluin and Bill Wallach of the Bentley Library, and of my colleagues in the 1986 Seminar - Chris Baer, Greg Bradsher, Judy Endelman, Avra Michelson and Peter Sigmond - who read and discussed drafts of these papers with me that summer and stimulated me by their own research.

Chapter five explores an idea relevant to the changes in methodology proposed in the first four chapters.

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