Automate the entry and updating of routing information

Line managers can review, edit, and approve the resignation requests of their direct reports in the simplified user interface.

A new person quick search panel drawer simplifies the user experience so that the work area is refreshed rather than returning to the initial search.

Enhance operational efficiency by allowing workers to submit their own resignations using self-service in the simplified user interface.

When a person security profile excludes related contacts, you can still manage the contacts of a person.

If you have access to a person, you can access the contact’s Manage Person page from the Edit Contact page. A person can easily access available actions that can be taken on another person from anywhere in the system and navigate to other work areas.

A range of applications Map Basic can be used for automating repetitive tasks, adding new capabilities to Map Info Professional or even creating specific mapping solutions for a particular use or industry.

An example of adding a new capability to Map Info Pro is the Distance Calculator tool, pictured here.

Low effort: This service avoids the need for installing and managing data yourself.

Just access it with a click of a button in Map Info Pro. The look up utility provides an easy way to zoom the map to any place name, address or point of address in the Bing service gazetteer!

The Distance Calculator is one of the many tools in Map Info Pro’s Tool Manager. The default installation of Map Info Pro includes a number of useful tools and utilities in the Tool Manager.

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