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From Kitchen to Cross-Building· On Stormfront, the Web's oldest hate site, a debate on the role of women in the movement has been raging for months. "Historically, women have been proven to be great leaders, warriors, thinkers, scientists, etc." · A few female leaders of other white supremacist groups have emerged recently.

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After school today I took my youngest, eight year old, granddaughter to her ballet lessons.

Watching a dozen little girls trying to master ballet is a sight to see. They were awkward, clumsy and absolutely beautiful to watch.

" From California to Maryland, and abroad from Australia to Canada to Europe, the voices of "racialist" women are being heard increasingly in a variety of forums.

In the past, these movement women have been Nazi "Aryan breeders," the Klan moms who stayed home sewing robes for their men, the secretaries and helpmates of neo-Nazi leaders, the transmitters of "Aryan" values to the next generation.

And while they are far from radical feminists, many are espousing a new female activism and even leadership — often to the dismay and anger of the men in their movement.

"For years, it seemed that a White woman's role in the Racial movement was to write lonely prisoners and stand behind their boyfriends without much of an opinion about anything," writes Lisa Turner, who began the "Women's Frontier" of the neo-Nazi World Church of the Creator (WCOTC) in May 1998.

Before it was over, the Weathermen were renamed the Weather Underground, and many of the group's women were taking up the gun.

Thirty years later, in a distant echo of that debate, women on the radical right — who a leading analyst says now comprise 25% of many groups and as many as half of new recruits — are increasingly re-examining their position in the world of white supremacy.

Her mother must've said something to her because she screams out, "I'm trying! Thank her parents for teaching her European dance and not nignog hiphop.

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