dating website cork - Are you dating a sociopath

Yeah, women like that are mind-blowing, but they also tend to be sociopaths.Maybe you dated a woman like this a while ago, and it was amazing, right up until she got bored of you and the relationship ended in a big fiery mess, because that’s usually what happens when you date a sociopath.If they sense this pushes you too far you will get a little more love-bombing to reel you back in.

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They will sometimes disappear for days at a time with no contact and no explanation.

They are usually working on the next conquest during this time or are simply two- (or three-) timing you.

Have you ever found yourself walking on eggshells around the person you're sharing a bed with?

Or whether they have used your insecurities to make you feel special?

Once they have hooked you, you seem to suddenly bore them.

They give you the silent treatment and rebuff you for trying to rekindle the relationship you thought you had.

They do not want other people telling you your partner is a nutbag.

They are jealous and they will actively exclude potential partners from your life.

Once you are hooked, they will start keeping company with other people – these are new potential partners.

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