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And they're suddenly feeling very good about the midterm elections next year.

click - Sarah Anne Duke (Humphrys) (1857-1941) and John Allen Duke click - Jesse2 Humphrys (1861-1934) and Emily (Duke) Humphrys click - Flower Humphrys (1863-1944) and Mary (Rogers) Humphrys.

John and his sons were also involved in supply of timber for the shaft supports, as fuel for the boilers of the pump, and also for the smelting process.

The hills were perfect for grazing sheep, and the flat land below was good cropping land.

The Humphrys and Flower families, expanded with 5 more children to Isabella.

For the first time in a year, Democrats have something to celebrate.

With President Trump's approval rating under 40 percent, a record low, Democrats won decisively in two governors' races last night.

Jesse Humphrys managed to purchase a 1000 acres, 5 miles to the south east near Emu Downs and Black Springs.

The Stony Gap community of the Flower, Humphrys, Delamere, Escott, Porter and Logan built a school house, and a church, both on James Flowers land.

Farrell Flat had railway station and yards where the wool and wheat was loaded.

Jesse Humphrys and his sons and daughters farmed the Hanson property until 1909, Jesses death, he divided the Stony Gap, the Hanson and the Clare properties between his sons and daughters.

click - List of Julia and Luke Teddy's Descendants 1827 2014.. click - Elizabeth Flower and Ernst Blesing click - Jabez and Elizabeth Anne (Carter) Flower click (10) Jesse and Isabella Humphrys Life in Australia..

click - Flower's grandson Neil Robert Humphrys (1947-2015) Adelaide DJ.

The Hanson property was divided in half, with Flower Humphrys (son no.4) getting the northern half, and Elijah Thorn Humphrys (son no.5) getting the southern half.

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