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Tagalog Bible is the First ever Material design Tagalog Bible in Android.

Free Tagalog bible has got all chapter of old testament and New testament in Tagalog standard, with a legitimate reading. It provides daily Tagalog bible reading notification and tracks all the read chapters.

As a christian, we have verified the chapters of holy bible reading- Ang Biblia with international standard.

Tagalog bible online Lite app, always tracks the unread chapter for daily bible reading. Along with Filipino Bible verse, mobile phone Filipino bible- Our chosen daily Tagalog bible reading - Tagalog Bible Online helps you to start your day thinking about and thanking God for this wonderful life with prayers.

As a part of Bible org we are glad to release android Tagalog Bible app as a free service, to spread Jesus words.

We welcome any suggestions to improve ourself about free Ang Dating Biblia app. Tagalog bible download app is not just another Tagalog bible Study app (Filipino Bible Study). Our aim is to keep you inspired and nourished everyday with god words using Ang Biblia.

We are happy to offer Armenian Bible, Աստուածաշունչ for your android devices.

Offered side by side with KJV English version,utilizing the power of android device for Armenian speaking community in Armenia,...

The true story of the Pilgrims’ great journey to America was one of courageous faith, daring escape, and tenuous survival.

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