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And for a woman who despised loose ends, that was unacceptable.""Gabrielle was a drowning woman, desperately searching for a life raft. Of course, Gabrielle only saw her young gardener as a way to infuse her life with a little excitement.

Martha: I was just thinking of that expression, "I'll make mincemeat out of you." Mincemeat used to be made up of little bits of meat chopped up, so the expression was like saying, "I'll chop you up into little pieces! But whether it’s a friendly rivalry..a fight to the death..end result is the same. I am going to go out, and find the most vindictive lawyer I can find, and together, we are going to eviscerate you. But the good news is, there are no signs that she had been molested. You are now forbidden from seeing or talking to my daughter ever again. You want to know what true humiliation is, you just take one step. Susan: Every time we went out for pizza, you could have said, 'oh, by the way, I once killed a man.' Or when you said, 'hey, let's go jogging', you could have said, 'well, by the way, I once killed a man.' Every time we went to the movies and the hero shot the bad guy, you could have turned to me and said, "oh, by the way, I did that once" You didn't. They're actual adults waiting for me with margaritas. Until one day, when she least expects it, I'm gonna do something so awful, it is going to rock her world. Nora: We stopped off at this bar and I got bitchy with one of the waitresses.

Well, it's just gonna be a very brief and dignified ceremony and I was hoping that you could say a few words, and, um, I'm gonna read a poem."Bree: (exploding) I HAVE DONE NOTHING TO BE FORGIVEN FOR! Well, the joke's on him, because I do not understand, and I do not forgive. But when the sculpture's true function was unveiled the next day, whatever support they did have was quickly washed away." Mary Alice Closing: "It's the same for all of us.

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Lynette Scavo: Cause he decided to take it in his pizza place. Lynette Scavo: Not this pizza place, it's a rat hole. By Sunday evening, most of the gossiping had subsided, and the neighborhood was once again consumed by the spirit of the season. Edie (to Carlos, undressing): "Just stop seeing the person that I've been and start seeing the person I could be. And the skirt that's so short, because she knows that guys love long legs. There is a certain time of night when children have been put to bed and husbands have begun snoring, that women lie awake and think of the secrets they’ve been keeping from their friends. And how they would do everything in their power to keep that from happening. I'm sure you'll find all sorts of reasons to hit her.

Preston Scavo: Why can't he take a time-out in his room? But as the big night drew near, more than holiday cheer was being spread around. It's our Christmas gift to you." Gloria: "So you're exiling me? I'm terrified of snakes." Lynette: "Yeah, I'm more terrified of Gaby." Parker Scavo: [Parker sees kids painting 'witch' on Mrs. Gabrielle Solis: [Carlos walks away] Where are you going? Danielle Van De Kamp: [shouting to Andrew] I liked you better when you were a psychopath! Forget the blouse that she wears because she knows it shows off her cleavage. Stella Wingfield: Well I'm too old to remember what the hell six year olds like to play with. Of course had he known what she was about to do to his life he would have let her hang there. Mary Alice's Narration Closing- "There is a certain time of morning. And how shocked they would be if the truth were discovered.

For the love of god, I used to check his back for acne. Sadly, it only took 15 minutes for the residents of Wisteria Lane to become art critics. Yes, art came to Wisteria Lane on a Tuesday morning.

Happily, it only took three hours to turn the contents into a finished work of art. You married a man from a very rich family, the operative word being family.

Suicide is the worst thing that can happen to a family! But he's over that, it's my turn now and I will be better for him than you ever were. Andrew Van De Kamp: She tried to slit her wrists with a spoon. I've got myself a smashing new girlfriend." Ian: "That's adorable. " Bree: "They found Monique's blood on the wrench that Mike was trying to dispose of. Marilyn Quinn was able to steal a few more puffs of her forbidden tobacco. That's when residents found their barbecues upended, their clean laundry trampled, and their skateboards missing. Wayne Davis: Wow, look who gotten sassier while she's been away.

I have had a thing for Mike since the day he moved in here and I even backed off when he fell for your little Miss Adorable act. " Ian: "But of course." Susan: "And they know about me as in" (in a bad British accent) "Mum, Dad, bloody good news. " Susan: "Well, I am certainly not playing with a woman that is willing to let Mike take the fall for her psycho husband." Bree: "Well, needless to say, I won't be cooking dinner for Ian's parents." Susan: "Fine. Let me know if there are any survivors." Susan: "And if you take Orson back, you do the same." Gert: "Rita, I want the word "pedophile" to really stand out. Timmy Cooper was able to sneak another peak at his father's adult magazines. It's the type of thing most people don't think about ... Mary Alice Opening: "The great crime wave hit Wisteria Lane on a Tuesday afternoon. Katherine: (voice over) I was going to run again, but you didn't give me enough time. Katherine: I'm sure you had enough to buy liquor by the caseload.

Mulberry more, because he doesn't have a daddy and a mommy who love him. Because no one wants to admit that compassion and cruelty can exist side-by-side in one heart. And I certainly don't want some idiotic judge using my hobby as an excuse to make you rich. It's easier to give them a polite nod than to ask what's wrong.

But it is possible that someone like little Spencer needs Mrs. Mary Alice (voiceover): Why do we try to define people as simply good or simply evil? This is about our great nation, and I have no intention of statisfying a man who isn't willing to stand up for and help spread the ideas and values of the United States of America. And if people perceive me to have a drinking problem, then I do. We try not to get too close to the people who live next door.

To be honest, the only thing I don't like about sex is the scrotum. One of which is to ground your sorry behind until kingdom come.. Bormanis, nice to see you again, and, um, please don't get crumbs on my carpet. Nora: So he tells me to watch my mouth, and I'm like, whoa, get a load of Mr. Nora: And then on the way out, he threatened to hit me. I will not have mine raised by a cold emotionally unavailable woman like you.” Bree to Orson hinting at her former mother-in-law Phyllis: “Emotionally unavailable. I don't know, it's like we're two halves of the same person or something.

And then there's the act itself - two bodies becoming one in that final eruption of pleasure. I mean, who knows what passes for a kid-friendly, good time in there? Bree: Andrew, there may be a judge out there stupid enough to emancipate you, but until you find him, I retain all my parental rights. You don't break up with a guy because in a weak moment he call you a whore. True, we sometimes do get to know the people we share a fence with, and end up lifelong friends. Because we'd rather our neighbors know nothing about us than know too much." Danielle to Bree: “A baby is God’s most precious gift.

Some put on beaming faces to keep their tears from falling. But then there is that rare smile that is actually genuine.

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