Alumni dating

Of course, this could have just been co-workers bonding over a beautiful sunrise – or it could be the spark of a new romance.Here’s what you need to know about Bryan’s (possible) new lady.

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The duo had an age gap that some fans theorized contributed to their split.

Bryan will be 26 soon while Kelly Thiebaud turned 35 yesterday.

‘s Derek Theler for two years from 2014 to 2016, reportedly splitting up in early 2016.

Other fun facts to know about Christina Ochoa are that in addition to being beautiful, she’s brilliant as a card-carrying MENSA member.

that there’s a secret about the failed mission that the pair have kept hidden from the Army and it’s about to explode.

If the gorgeous Ochoa looks familiar, it’s because she was featured in the TNT series set, and although their characters never dated, they launched a behind the scenes romance. Britt Westbourne, a scheming doc, while Bryan played Morgan, a troubled son of the local mob boss.

Her great uncle is a Nobel prize winner, and the gorgeous Spaniard is a science buff with a Masters in physics.

She’s also an advocate for science education frequently volunteering with SSP (Science for Society and the Public) and Scirens (Screen Sirens for Science).

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