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It boasts the world's second largest monolith after Ayers Rock - Ben Amera - and some of the world's most spectacular bird-watching in the Parc National du Banc d'Arguin.

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Mauritania's first female cabinet official was Aïssata Kane, who was Minister of Social Affairs from 1975 to 1978.

After that, another woman was not appointed to cabinet until 1987, when Khadijatou Bint Ahmed became Minister of Mines and Industry.

By 1985 nearly one-fourth of all girls below the age of eleven attended primary school, a marked increase over enrollment figures just a decade earlier.

More women were also attending secondary schools and universities.

The website takes a unique approach to sustainable adventure tourism, enabling travellers to contact hand-picked local experts and product providers directly.

The site also offers a Facebook-style social networking facility, where like-minded travellers can swap advice and tales.

Until a couple of years ago, rides were only available on top of the wagons.

Basic compartments have since been added but most passengers still choose to avoid paying for the journey, loading families, livestock and provisions on to the roofs instead.

Factors that conditioned the role of women in Mauritanian society in the late 1980s included the impact of Islam and sharia (Islamic law); West African influences that allowed women substantial independence in some social and economic areas; economic modernization, which challenged customary behavior patterns in some areas; and Mauritania's rapid pace of urbanization, which subjected traditional nomadic customs to new scrutiny.

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