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It’s a little like saying: ‘This woman has been raped, throw her in jail.’’’ What saddens and maddens Badiou is the political passivity of people in Western democracies, who smugly feel they’ve done their democratic duty if they put a mark on a ballot paper once every few years.

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The Palestinian question he feels can never be solved as long as we pay heed to these things.

In searching for a political solution, Badiou says “we must forget the Holocaust”.

What kind of philosopher would declare that a love affair is a route to philosophical truth? That’s not the only way Alain Badiou fits the Anglo-Saxon image of what a French intellectual ought to be.

He’s pugnaciously left-wing, and hasn’t swerved from the Maoist creed he formulated back in the Sixties.

He hates postmodernism and newfangled multimedia art, and wants to return to the severe pure-minded modernism of Braque and Mallarmé.

He trumpets the claims of universal human rights and duties, and hates political movements which claim special rights because of ethnic or cultural particularities, or a tragic history of oppression.

These ideas can lead to millions of violent deaths, a fact which Badiou nowhere acknowledges.

Badiou’s passionate belief in human autonomy is inspiring; his conviction that this has to be expressed through an old-style Marxist revolution is not.

He was on the barricades in 1968, and the intoxication of those heady days surely lies behind his conviction that truth is revealed only in the stresses of an “event”, whether it’s a revolution or a grand passion.

He despises the cautious bureaucratic processes of Western democracy and hates what he calls the American Imperium, that “solitary power, whose army terrorises the whole planet”.

Declaring that a love affair can be a route to truth is one thing.

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