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Seventh-day Adventists live an average of 10 years longer than the American life expectancy of about 79 years and the researchers wanted to find out if their astonishing longevity might be linked to sperm quality. Vegetarians and vegans had significantly lower sperm counts compared with meat eaters, 50 million sperm per ml compared with 70 million per ml.

We believe that the organic ages are an accurate estimate of the stromatolite's age, while the much older carbonate ages reflect incorporation of old carbon from limestone bedrock and ancient calcrete introduced by stream and spring flow.

Excluding the 2 oldest organic ages (15,700 and 13,600 C yr BP), which may reflect contamination by older organic material washed into the lake during flooding, a linear regression relationship between carbonate and organic ages indicates that the reservoir effect on carbonate ranges up to ∼24,000 C yr BP but decreases slightly as the true age of the deposit increases.

Fatty material was the only commodity present at all sites and its wide distribution may indicate that generally the vessels were used for a mixture or mixtures based on plant oils, in some cases containing castor oil.

It was impossible to determine whether the beeswax, bitumen and resin formed part of this mixture or represented post-firing treatments of the ceramic to make it less porous.

The identification of animal and plant foodstuffs processed in pots provides insights into herding and farming, and can also detect trade in exotic organic goods.

Information about the environment and climate can be extrapolated from the isotopic composition of compounds detected in potsherds, potentially providing novel avenues of investigation.The carbonate ages ranged from 34,700 to 24,700 C yr BP.Ages generally increased with increasing distance from the surface of the deposit.To assess the reservoir effect, the age characteristics of a stromatolite from Poacher's Point were investigated by C dating both carbonate and organic residue from samples at different depths in the deposit.The ∼15-cm-diameter stromatolite was separated into 12 zones from the center to the edge and block samples were cut from each zone; the carbonate and residual organic residue were dated separately.The direct dating of lipids in potsherds is opening up new opportunities for building archaeological chronologies, while the integration of lipid residue analyses with other environmental and cultural proxies within interdisciplinary projects is already providing unprecedented insights into past lifestyles, from site to regional scales.

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