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This app offers a wide variety of game selections and multi-table options; however, it is best known for its Hold ‘Em games.

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Accurately recorded and tracked data lets you analyze such aspects of your game as which locations are the most profitable, what time of day do you play the best, and which days of the week might you not do so well. Instead of a game, this app is more of a tool that provides free access to six- and nine-handed shoving calculators and various strategy training options.

This app is also very useful in letting you see your long-term results over time which can be particularly helpful during a slump to remind you that this is a temporary occurrence. Venmo is one of the best apps on the market that facilitate the sending and receipt of payments. For $14.99, you can purchase Snap Shove Pro and get access to additional training options, a calling calculator, and a shove-fold calculator with any number of players. This innovative app is an independent chip model (ICM) calculator that enables you to calculate your chipstack during tournament play.

A particularly useful feature is the site’s configurable listing distance based on your current location. Similar to Bravo, Poker Atlas has complete information on the nearly 600 poker rooms in North America.

From tournament schedules—including entry and administrative fees, registration times, blind structures, starting chips, and prize pool guarantees—to cash games, Poker Atlas provides additional information on comps, promotions, player reviews, poker room amenities, and more.

For only $1.99, this app could save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in the long run. Real-time odds are generated by either a full calculation or simulated approximation for up to nine players based on the number of “unknowns” in the customizable accuracy setting.

Granted, while you can’t just take out your mobile device mid-hand, this is a useful learning tool.

My Stack—developed by the folks at Poker News—lets live players update their own tournament progress so friends, family, and fans have real-time, up-to-date information on their progress. Most of these are not specifically made for poker, but downloading any of them would make any poker player’s life a bit easier.

This app lets you track your stakes, locations, time played, and results for live games and tournaments. For those of you who travel abroad and need to exchange foreign currencies, xe provides current foreign exchange rates to ensure that you get the most accurate and fairest rates. Created by poker pro Max Silver, Snap Shove is the perfect lightweight app for improving your shove/fold ranges.

This app provides a number of cash game, Sit & Go’s, and scheduled tournaments.

Deposits and withdrawals are secure and can be made via debit and credit card, Pay Pal, Pay Near Me, Neteller, and e-Check ACH.

Link to Poker Cruncher here.888 Poker is the most recommended, cutting edge, and trustworthy real money mobile poker app on the market today.

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