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In addition to the technical tools you and your family can employ, by far the best defense is critical thinking – understanding when things are too good to be true or knowing to pause for a few seconds to consider the consequences of clicking on something, installing an app or entering a password or private information.

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We all learn a whole lot from making mistakes and recovering from them.

Just as with everything else in life, we can’t eliminate every possible risk associated with technology, but by using common sense and taking reasonable precautions we can greatly reduce our risk.

There are tremendous benefits to young people being online, but – for them and the rest of us – there are also some device and network security risks, both digital and social.

The digital kind involves software that jeopardizes the security of devices and the data on them.

Companies, governments, and individuals alike are creating an increasing amount of data and information, and the value and sensitivity of that information make it a real target.

Small-, medium-, and large-scale cyber attacks are among the biggest threats facing our economic, political, corporate, and individual security.

There are other safe media players but if you’re not sure, do a little research before downloading and using them.

And if you find one not on our list, please let us know.

Before you let your kids download apps, make sure they (and you) know what the app does, what information it collects and what it does with that information.

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