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It’s encouraging to see that they are tackling the same problems that we are — countering extremism and protecting people from harassment and hate speech online.

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After all, the Google team sets a fairly high bar when it comes to quality!

From these examples, you can see that our human-reviewed language signatures provided a more nuanced classification to the messages than the artificial intelligence did. Here’s a peak behind the scenes at some of our risk classifications.

We are excited to see that our friends at Alphabet (Google) are publicly joining the fray, taking proactive action against harassment.

The internal incubator formerly known as Google Ideas will now be known as Jigsaw, with a mission to make people in the world safer.

If your average cost of acquisition sits at around $4, then it will cost you a lot of money if a troll starts pushing people away from your platform.

Unfortunately, customers who become trolls don’t have your community’s best interests or your marketing budget in mind — they care more about getting attention… Trolls show up on a social platform to get the attention they’re not getting elsewhere.

Young people are particularly susceptible to this, but so are many adults.

There is no disconnect between our virtual lives and our real lives in our interconnected, mesh-of-things society. Issues such as child exploitation, hate speech, and harassment are problems we should be solving together.

Our CEO, Chris Priebe, helped code and develop the original safety and moderation solutions for Club Penguin, the children’s social network with over 300 million users acquired by The Walt Disney Company in 2007.

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