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Do you find yourself on a date sitting at a coffee shop yet again, wishing you had an idea for something better to do?

Whether it's your first date or your 10th, spicing things up and trying an activity you haven’t done before will help you get to know each other on a different level.

The angel-funded LA startup was founded by Yoni Avital with a development team based in Israel. You can also find members using tags and send messages between profiles.

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If a respondent reported ever having sexual intercourse, questions were asked about the first experience (e.g., the respondent's age, whether the respondent and the partner used birth control).

Those who reported not using any method of birth control were questioned on whether they wanted a pregnancy at that time.

Provides the round (up through round 4) respondent first reported having sex.

Other questions include how often the respondent dated and the number of different people he or she went out with on a date in the past year (round 1) or since the last interview (subsequent rounds).

Additionally, information on the respondent's knowledge about pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases is found in Health.

Information on sexual activity was gathered from NLSY79 respondents in the 1983-85 surveys; data on contraception have been regularly collected since 1982.Finally, these respondents stated the method of birth control used most often.Additional questions were included in rounds 4 and up concerning the respondent's first sexual experience (not all questions were asked in all survey years).These questions asked for the month and year this experience occurred; the age of the respondent's partner at that time; the location where it occurred (e.g., family's home, partner's home, hotel); the time of day; the status of the relationship at that time (e.g., dating, living together, engaged); the ethnicity and race of the partner; whether they discussed birth control before that point; and, if they used birth control, the methods they used that first time.In round 16, respondents were asked the gender of their recent sexual partners: exclusively male, exclusively female, or some of each.In addition to her private mentoring sessions with clients from all over the world, Aleeza is a passionate speaker and the host of a weekly show.

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