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Check-out this handy four-step budget: After filling in income, must-have expenses and nice-to-have expenses, you’ll get a “monthly allowance” for you to spend on discretionary items as you’d like, with the peace of mind of knowing that your main expenses are taken care of.“FLOP: Financial Life on One Page” @ Christian PF Excel | More details | His other great templates!

It’s easy to add or delete lines and to change the names of categories to better fit your life.

For convenience in tracking specific purchases throughout the month, it has a spending log as the first page. Deluxe Budget 2.0” @ Enemy of Debt Excel | More details EOD Deluxe Budget 2.0 is a comprehensive budget spreadsheet including a zero-based budget, an allocated spending worksheet, a checking account ledger, a savings allocation worksheet, as well as a lump sum payment schedule.“Free Budget Spreadsheet” @ Money Under 30 Excel | Really Simple Budget | More details Using the spreadsheet is easy.

), and then Step 2 is re-investing into the new game plan.

So look for that article soon here too, once we get that squared away this month. ), everything else hummed along normally as with other months, and most of our net worth increase came directly from the markets performing okay.

:) You can probably guess what’s going on with it all this month, but in a nutshell we pulled money from our nice pot o’ cash and used it to max out my SEP IRA for the 2013 tax year. I had been going back and forth on this for a while, but ultimately just pulled the trigger figuring it’s better to make the “mistake” of investing a chunk now and dealing with it later, than having it disappear on Lord knows what over time and regretting it.

Which had been the plan for that allotted cash all year long (and especially when I found out we’d be getting ,000 back from taxes! Plus, I didn’t want to break my record of maxing it out over the past 5 or 6 years now :) We’re sitting on over ,000 from all these yearly maxings now! (The other k in that overall number you see up there, btw, is my wife’s Roth.

I max hers out as well on and off when times are good) Lastly, which you can’t really tell from that snapshot up there, we finally got rid of all those crazy Traditional IRA accounts and merged them into just ONE with Vanguard :) And as soon as the dust settles, I’ll then be moving that account into our SEP too for further minimalism!

I had no idea you could do such a thing, but I love it!

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, but you can tweak & edit and use the one that’s the most perfect for YOU.

This way, you can not only see how much you spent in each category at the end of the month, you can track how purchases added up.“E. Enter the monthly amounts in the appropriate categories, estimating any value that fluctuates from month-to-month.

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