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If we meet in the evening, I tell Adrian I'm with my sister, and meet Mark a few miles away, where we won't bump into anyone.' Does she feel guilty about the affair? You know the 11th commandment: don't get caught.' Women have always had affairs, but over the past 20 years that number has risen dramatically.

Jobs outside the home - with the ready-made excuse of working late or business travel - financial independence and changing social attitudes mean that modern women simply have more opportunity to meet other men and start affairs.

The truth is that we have always lied about our sex lives.

British men consistently claim to have had more partners than women - the current average is 13, while women claim to have had only nine. While men might exaggerate their sexual conquests, the bigger liars are women. In spite of apparent equality and a more sexually open society, we are still more harshly judged for our sex lives than men.

Susan adds: 'We made each other laugh and our sex life was wonderful.

But Brian was a permanent "man-child" - a great lover, but not the kind of man you'd marry.

According to Dr David Holmes, a psychologist at Manchester Metropolitan University, women are having more affairs than ever - recent studies say the figure is around 20 per cent for men and a bit over 15 per cent for women - but they behave very differently from men when they cheat.

'The biggest difference is that women are much better at keeping their affairs secret,' he says.

'Emotionally, they make plans and have strategies, while men are more impulsive.' From a young age, he says, women will start to consider the kind of life they want, what kind of job or house they aspire to, how many children they'd like and what kind of partner.

'Most men don't really develop that facility until they're much older.

While men have always had a worse reputation for being unfaithful, recent studies show that women are catching up fast - but we are a lot more likely to lie about it, and a lot less likely to get caught.

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