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Then we'd say, "For security purposes we've removed your account information.Please re-enter it." Credit Where did you get the e-mail addresses for your phishing schemes?Come to this site and update your information or your account will be closed." I did something similar with Pay Pal.

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Committing credit card fraud is still "ridiculously easy to do," he says. Secret Service, helping to infiltrate the online underground and training agents in the latest fraud techniques.

"Anyone with a computer and $100 could start making money tomorrow." After his conviction, De Felippi faced eight years in prison, but under a plea deal he agreed to community service and to pay back more than $200,000 in restitution. His help led to the arrests of five to 15 people over two years. In college, I started selling fake IDs to make a little extra money.

There are also people like waitresses and waiters with handheld skimmers who steal the data that way. I'd pay $10 to $50 for the information from one card.

Then I'd use an encoder to put that data on a fake card, go into a store and purchase stuff.

If you're only checking your statement once a month, someone can start using your card at the beginning of the billing cycle, and they can do a lot of damage before you catch it.

You're talking thousands of dollars, and it will be a lot harder to catch them and dispute it. It is really easy to create a fake online store or to create a store that sells stuff, but its real purpose is to collect credit card information.

"I would make fake IDs to go with them, and then I'd buy laptops or other expensive items in the store and sell them on e Bay," he says.

De Felippi was also involved in several other kinds of scams, including phishing schemes that exploited AOL and Pay Pal customers.

Also, don't buy anything from somebody e-mailing you, no matter how good the offer sounds.

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