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Celebrated worldwide, International Women’s Day marks all the progress women have made in the battle for equal rights and acknowledges how far they still have to go.

Women across the globe are honouring the day in their own ways.

By the middle of the afternoon female textile workers from the Vyborg side of city had gone out on strike shouting "bread" and "down with the Tsar".

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Many, angry at the poor state of the army, sided with them.

This weakness emboldened the protesters who came back in force over the coming days and revolutionaries – who had been agitating for change for decades – gave speeches calling for the end to Tsardom in the city’s main squares while the authorities looked on powerlessly.

Russian troops attempted to repel the crowds but most were inexperienced, ill-equipped reservists because the experienced soldiers were away on the front lines.

As a result they could do little more than attempt to frighten the protesters.

Russia was in a state of near collapse as the First World War placed an intolerable strain on the already weak economy.

On the Home Front famine loomed and women from working in the cities factories had had enough.

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In the US many are participating in the #ADay Without Women strike against Donald Trump, which has forced two US school districts to close their schools for the day because so many female teachers were going to strike. This strike is the latest in a long history of industrial action by women, but it was one march that happened exactly 100 years ago that has arguably had the greatest impact.

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